A Look At Cloudways: The PaaS For Small Businesses

Cloudways – www.cloudways.com. Cloudways may not be the household name that people think of when it comes to a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud hosting provider. But the brainchild of Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, and Uzair Gadit is making strides in the industry as being the PaaS for small-to-medium businesses. We were honoured to be given the opportunity […]

A Look at Pixpa: The Place Where Creatives Come to Play

The advent of website builders meant that creatives such as bloggers, photographers, and designers now have a bigger canvas and platform to showcase their work, even if they have no technical expertise whatsoever. Pixpa is a well-known website builder within the creative community as they have built their service to be the best solution for […]

How Does Facebook Make Money?

In 2017, Facebook has generated $40 billion in revenue. That’s a 47% increase compared to 2016! With that much of profit, it makes you wonder, “How does Facebook make money?” There were rumors that Facebook will eventually charge it users a fee in order to access their network – this is not true. Why? Because […]

Understanding SSL Certificates

Have you ever noticed some of the websites start with HTTP and some start with HTTPS? What does the extra “S” stand for? To put it simple, the extra “S” shows that the connection between you and the web server is secured. Hence, important and sensitive data such as name, password, email address, etc is encrypted […]

The Secret to Writing Headlines Your Customers Will Read

Note: This article is part of our e-commerce series where we discuss how to start an online store and building an effective sales funnel.  Each and every day on the Internet, 2 million blog posts are published, 294 billion emails are sent, and 864 thousand hours of video are created. The bottom line is that the Net is […]