Understanding SSL Certificates

Have you ever noticed some of the websites start with HTTP and some start with HTTPS? What does the extra "S" stand for? To put it simple, the extra "S" shows that the connection between you and the web server is secured. Hence, important and sensitive data such as name, password, email address, etc is encrypted [...]

Learn to Write Better Sentences

Are you a blogger? Have you committed these common mistakes when writing sentences? Here’s the thing. Most of the time, bloggers (newbie or pro) are known to repeat the same writing mistake without knowing it themselves. Does that make you a terrible writer? Of course not! It just means you have to be more aware [...]

The Secret to Writing Headlines Your Customers Will Read

Note: This article is part of our e-commerce series where we discuss how to start an online store and building an effective sales funnel.  Each and every day on the Internet, 2 million blog posts are published, 294 billion emails are sent, and 864 thousand hours of video are created. The bottom line is that the Net is [...]