Jason Chow

Website Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your SEO

Website design is one of the areas that is often focused most upon by newbies. Unfortunately, they usually do it instinctively and not for completely the right reasons. A visually appealing website is good, but in


6 Ways to Use Personalization to Increase Conversions

A study reveals that 94% of the marketers surveyed see personalization of the web experience is vital for business success. When you plan your website, you think about things like design, web copy, and calls-to-action.


3 Ways to Grow your Blog on a Budget

The number of websites online is always growing, and blogs make up a huge number of them. As of 2018, there were approximately 1.6 billion websites, of which around 500-odd million are blogs. While it may be

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

Imagine having an active business social media account that doesn’t bring you any new customers. It happens.  Just jumping onto the various social platforms and posting some stuff because someone said it was a good