About WebRevenue Inc. Our Core Business and Key Team Members

WebRevenue Inc. is a holding company managing industry-leading several websites that offer visitors information on web hosting, digital business and associated tools and methodologies.

The core business of websites managed by WebRevenue is in the referral / affiliate marketing space. Primary audiences include bloggers, small to medium size business owners, and freelancers who seek assistance in web hosting, online business, and blogging.

Notable sites under management include WebHostingSecretRevealed.net (WHSR) and Buildthis.io. The sites help educate and empower over 300,000 international readers each month.

WebRevenue maintains its business growth through close monitoring of market trends. The company also conducts surveys and studies to keep abreast of customer needs. It publishes original, top-quality content to offer visitors great incentive to return.

The newest project undertaken by WebRevenue is the development of HostScore.net, a site that seeks to offer web host rankings based on hard data. The system is expected to be the first of its kind in the market and will actively track and publish server response times from ten geolocations spread over four continents.

Key Team Members

Jerry Low – Founder jerry low

Geek dad, SEO junkie, value investor. Jerry has been building websites and making money online since 2004. He enjoys mindless doodling and trying new food.

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Jason Chow – Website Manager

WordPress fanboy, social media nerd, outreach expert. Jason handles website administrative, social media marketing, and outreaching tasks for the team.

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Timothy Shim – Editor

Writer, editor, tech geek. Timothy started his career in I.T. field, rapidly found his way into print and has since worked with International and domestic media titles including ComputerWorld, PC.com, and The Asian Banker.

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Vladimir Lukyanov – Web Developer

A self-learned web developer and WordPress enthusiast – Vladimir Lukyanov helps WebRevenue Inc. develop and optimize company’s websites.

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Erik Emanuelli – Social Media Marketer

Professional blogger, an experienced social media marketer and a freelance writer – Erik has years of experience developing cutting-edge web copy, eBooks and blog posts, covering a wide variety of topics including social media marketing, blogging, and SEO.

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